We are the team of experts in the field of customer care. We have gained experience in various market sectors, working for both the largest Polish companies as well as medium and small enterprises. We work with telecommunication operators and the leading companies from financial, energy and retail sectors. Our specialists participate in the largests transformation projects in the field of contact center on the Polish market.


Zapewniamy klientom doskonałe możliwości rozwoju biznesu oferując rozwiązania dopasowane do ich potrzeb. Podstawą naszego działania jest elastyczne podejście do potrzeb biznesowych na każdym etapie realizacji projektu zaczynając od identyfikacji potrzeb poprzez wdrożenia aż do operacyjnego utrzymania i serwisowania rozwiązań.


We provide our clients with excellent business development opportunities by offering tailor-made solutions. The basis of our work is a flexible approach to business needs at every stage of a project; starting from needs analysis, through implementation, to operational maintenance and servicing the solutions.


We provide professional consulting services, comprehensive implementation and the maintenance of customer care support systems.


We provide leading solutions in the field of telecommunication, interaction recording, analytics, and databases. We also design and execute customized integration software, tailored to the needs of the client.


We offer comprehensive design and implementation of contact center systems using all communication channels. We provide professional support of the certified engineers with years of experience in the continuous maintenance of CC systems, as well as the development of CC solutions in response to the increasing customer needs. We integrate contact centers with customer systems.


Our portfolio is based on widely-used solutions and enriched by customized products, created for the particular projects. We create solutions based on the leading technologies.


Our experts participate in the biggest transformational projects in Poland, delivering customer care solutions. We cooperate with telecommunication operators and the leading companies from financial, energy and retail sectors.